Please enjoy this bilingual Sm'algya̱x-English collection of Christmas songs, hymns and "The Night Before Christmas".​

Russell Hayward's

Easy Lessons in Sm'algya̱x

​Everyday phrases, vocabulary, songs, poems and adaawg̱ compiled by Russell Hayward.

Twining Cedar: Annette Island Tsimshian Basket Weaving

Alphabet Posters

A series of posters to help teach the sounds and letters of Sm'algya̱x.


A collection of bingo cards to help learn vocabulary for Animals, Actions & Emotions, and more. Follow the links to generate cards and call lists.  

Other online Sm'algya̱x resources:

Fourteen Excerpts from "Tsimshian Stories", originally published by the Metlakatla Indian Community and now available in the modern Sm'algya̱x orthography.

Prayers and Hymns

A collection of prayers and hymns both donated to the Haayk Foundation and ones translated by Mrs. Sarah Booth.

​​A Sm'algya̱x Christmas!

Hasag̱m dm t’oyaxsa na suwilaaymsgm G̱oodm Nluułgm Xsgiik a na amagyet ada g̱a̱sg̱aaw k’yinam da k’am. Akadi da’axłga dm hałelsa a gwa̱’a̱ dzida nah ‘waht łimoomi.

We’d like to thank our teacher, Sarah Booth, for her kindness and generosity. This work would not be possible without her help.

Sm'algya̱x Learning Materials


A collection of card and board games, including vocabulary and game play commands.

Adaawx: Tsimshian Oral History

Valentine's Day Cards

Just print, cut and seal with a kiss! These cards are perfect to give to someone special this      Valentine's Day. (Print double sided, preferably on construction paper.)

Learning about Animals

A collection of educational cards to learn animal names and facts. Print and cut along the dotted lines to make your own flash cards!

​ALL of the "Twining Cedar" instructional videos are on YouTube!
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