Other online Sm'algya̱x resources:

Hasag̱m dm t’oyaxsa na suwilaaymsgm G̱oodm Nluułgm Xsgiik a na amagyet ada g̱a̱sg̱aaw k’yinam da k’am. Akadi da’axłga dm hałelsa a gwa̱’a̱ dzida nah ‘waht łimoomi.

We’d like to thank our teacher, Sarah Booth, for her kindness and generosity. This work would not be possible without her help.


A collection of bingo cards to help learn vocabulary for Animals, Actions & Emotions, and more. Follow the links to generate cards and call lists.  


A collection of card and board games, including vocabulary and game play commands.

​ALL of the "Twining Cedar" instructional videos are on YouTube!
Click below to download the PDF Learning Guide Files

Fourteen Excerpts from "Tsimshian Stories", originally published by the Metlakatla Indian Community and now available in the modern Sm'algya̱x orthography.

​​A Sm'algya̱x Christmas!

Please enjoy this bilingual Sm'algya̱x-English collection of Christmas songs, hymns and "The Night Before Christmas".​

Alphabet Posters

A series of posters to help teach the sounds and letters of Sm'algya̱x.

Prayers and Hymns

A collection of prayers and hymns both donated to the Haayk Foundation and ones translated by Mrs. Sarah Booth.

Russell Hayward's

Easy Lessons in Sm'algya̱x

​Everyday phrases, vocabulary, songs, poems and adaawg̱ compiled by Russell Hayward.

Twining Cedar: Annette Island Tsimshian Basket Weaving

Sm'algya̱x Learning Materials

Adaawx: Tsimshian Oral History

Learning about Animals

A collection of educational cards to learn animal names and facts. Print and cut along the dotted lines to make your own flash cards!